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  • This page includes the latest (zero-day) information about malicious attacks on your computers, networks and systems.
  • In the event that one or more of the following behaviors are observed on your Windows Computer(s), follow the steps documented in Microsoft’s Consumer Support Center here…
    1. Were your administrator rights disabled?
    2. Is access to your System Restore console disabled?
    3. Is your safe-boot administrator account disabled?
    4. Is access to your maintenance area, command line access, or control panel disabled?
    5. Is access to your Windows Installation CD blocked, ejecting your CD every minute or so?
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    1. Security Advisories - supplement Microsoft Security Bulletins, address security changes that may not require a security bulletin but that may still affect customers’ overall security
    2. Security Bulletins - By Product/Technology and Service Pack, provides those security bulletins available for your system

If you believe your computer has been attacked, you can always turn to BizCare for immediate and remote remediation.

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