Core Values

Technology can be tricky; it can make your business more efficient, profitable, and successful or it can end up exhausting your resources and become a big hassle. As a result, businesses turn to BizCare for their technology needs. Our IT support and cybersecurity solutions remove the common pain points often caused by inadequate system design, architecture and organizational culture. Poorly designed systems can be confusing and prone to misuse. Cybersecurity measures can be complex and unintuitive, leading to user errors and non-compliance.

Cybersecurity "initiatives" can exacerbate these issues. A punitive approach can lead to a climate of fear and secrecy, where stakeholders hide their mistakes instead of reporting them, not only increasing risk but also impeding learning and improvement. An enlightened approach leverages systems and organizations, not just the individual.

More specifically BizCare, Inc. values:

  • Human-Centered: Systems should be designed with the user in mind, making them intuitive, easy to use and resilient to errors. This can reduce the likelihood of user mistakes and make security measures more effective
  • Security-Minded: Organizations should foster a culture that values cybersecurity. This includes promoting open communication, providing regular training and encouraging the reporting of incidents and near misses
  • Systematic: Organizations should focus on identifying and addressing the system-wide issues that contribute to technology and security incidents. This involves conducting thorough incident investigations and implementing corrective and preventive measures
  • Empowering: Lastly, organizations should empower users to be a part of the solution. This includes providing them with the knowledge and tools to leverage new technologies, recognize and respond to threats, and engage in security policies.
  • Predictable: scope and budget including requirements, and expectations: over solutions that we think you should have
  • Uptime: solutions that result in functional continuity and resiliency
  • Future-proof: solutions backed by our 100% unconditional guarantee

BizCare, Inc. also gives back

We not only help businesses succeed with the latest technologies, but we also give back to our future generations. This is why for every dollar we earn, we donate a portion to Children International.