Practice Overview

Donald J Case


Donald Case is co-owner of BizCare, founded in 2009. Nurturing his lifelong passion for doing more with less, Donald helps communities achieve their digital transformation with secure, private and resilient technologies.

A Silicon Valley veteran on the founding teams that introduced QuickBooks, EMC/Documentum, Cisco (SmartCare) and, Donald earned his M.B.A. from Saint Mary's College, and his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from San Francisco State University.

Brandon Hacker

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations at BizCare, I live and work in Phoenix, Arizona. When not working with our support teams, you can find me in the woods with my family camping and enjoying the great outdoors!

Dylan Murphy

System Administrator

I live in Glendale Arizona, working as a Systems Administrator, enjoying the IT industry and working with all types of technologies. In my free time, I enjoy gaming, occasional skateboarding and working with cars.

Justin Hacker

System Administrator

I am a Lead Systems Administrator at BizCare, living in Phoenix Arizona. I love working in the IT industry, and apart from that you can find me taking part in my favorite hobbies such as hiking, camping and motocross.

Zachary Gipson

System Administrator

I live and work in Phoenix Arizona, and my interests include toying with IoT devices, playing guitar, and reading.

Erica Aumond

System Administrator

When not working as a Systems Administrator, also in Arizona, you can always find me enjoying painting or devouring in interesting book.