Selected Clients


“BizCare is an all-inclusive IT company. They can do most of their work off site so that they are not in your way while you are trying to get work done, yet at the same time, they will provide site visits if needed.

As for my interactions with BizCare, they have always been courteous, friendly, and helpful — they arrive, do the work and stay out of our way.

I called BizCare to come out and fix a virus problem that I had on my computer. I called at about 10am and BizCare called back within half an hour. By the end of the day, I had someone on site fixing the problem, and they stayed here until 1 in the morning to ensure that our computer would be working correctly the next day so that we could get our work done.”

Employee Feedback
Kottinger Place

“We enjoy BizCare’s site visits and love that BizCare fits right in with the rest of our employees.

We appreciate BizCare’s relaxed attitude and ability to partner with us to resolve our issues.

I enjoy my friendly interactions with BizCare — I don't feel like they are just trying to sell me something.

When something is wrong, we call BizCare. They contact us right away.

BizCare takes care of the IT so we can get our work done.

BizCare are very friendly and easy going.

BizCare understands that not everyone knows computer language.

I trust you guys.”

Employee Feedback
Heritage and Plaza Towers


“You guys are unbelievably polite, kind, patient, and have never, ever once made me feel stupid for not knowing very much about computers.

You’re like mind readers: When I ask a question, you are able to read between the lines and help me understand what I am trying to do.

You accurately translate between English and computer language.

I feel comfortable asking you guys any question.

The response is very quick — I never have to wait for anything.

Very responsive. BizCare really cares about their clients.

BizCare listens very well.

The onsite visits are great.

We always have confidence that BizCare will fix the problem.

I have always felt that BizCare has been very different from other IT companies. Usually, I groan when I have to call IT, but with BizCare it is a pleasure to call, because I know you will get it worked out.

You are unbelievably and unfailingly polite — always kind, always patient. You sense our irritation, are very receptive, and quickly get our issues resolved in a very friendly way.

When we ask questions, you guys get what I am trying to say and are able to translate and quickly understand the real problem.

When I call and leave messages, BizCare responds right away — there is never a delay and they provide site visits if needed.

Our Internet access recently went down and we had to perform a computer reinstall. BizCare worked with me to get the issue resolved over the phone.

I would definitely recommend BizCare. They are different because they are able to collaborate with you to fix problems, which puts you at ease, helps you feel comfortable, and instills confidence in your ability to partner in finding a solution.

It is a pleasure to work with you guys.”

Employee Feedback
Crane Place


“I would say that BizCare is quite accessible. They return my calls within a few minutes, and typically are able to resolve my issues remotely — but are always available to visit us onsite if necessary.

BizCare recommended an update to one of our systems, we went with it, and it has made a world of a difference in our efficiency and productivity.

I would definitely recommend BizCare for a number of reasons: knowing that BizCare is performing, and that they are always watching for threats and viruses that might inhibit our ability to work efficiently and securely.

I trust BizCare completely.

We followed BizCare’s advice about an equipment upgrade. Now we take up much less space and operate much more efficiently.

As a result of BizCare's consulting and guidance, my productivity has increased because, computer is faster! BizCare removes my IT and computer headaches. My company carried older software that was not compatible with some of the new software, and I found it striking to be able to meld the two so that the old software worked in conjunction with the new.

When I receive an invoice from BizCare, it includes a report on the activities of my computers for the past month so that I know what phishing attempts have been made and what viruses have been fought off. There is always someone trying to find out what we are doing, and BizCare has been able to ward them off and keep us clean and safe.

We easily save 3-5 hours per week by using BizCare services, the equivalent to us of nearly $10K a year.

We don’t like playing catch up. BizCare has definitely reduced our stress, worry, and aggravation.”

Employee Feedback
Casa De Vida