Count on Good Cyber-Hygiene


Comprehensive service without the extra charges.

Watch us manage, monitor, and support your designated technologies for a flat monthly rate.

You’ll never see extra charges for on-site support, after-hours emergencies, or system upgrades. If you need help, call us 24/7. We’ll answer immediately and have an engineer at your office in two hours, or less if necessary.

  • Unlimited Support. Period.
  • 24/7/365 Network Management
  • Enterprise-Style Helpdesk and Ticketing
  • Transparent Network Documentation
  • Vendor Liaison Assistance
  • Network & Endpoint Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Secure Your Passwords

ConnectID is a single sign-on (SSO) service for internet and cloud applications.

With ConnectID you get:

  • One-click access to web apps
  • Enhanced security with advanced two-factor authentication
  • A simpler cloud experience for your users
  • Integration with 20+ other cloud services
  • Curated security for private secure information
  • Increased control over users, apps and licenses

Protect Your Endpoints

Strengthen your defenses with the best global threat intelligence.

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Keep your community safe from Cybersecurity Threats

A view of the cybercrime threat landscape and how communities can help protect themselves with Cisco powered SECURE.IT.

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With Managed Security

Is your Cybersecurity keeping pace with continuously evolving threats?

Ours is built on world-class next-generation security platforms, continuously delivering unique architectural advantages. You get clear visibility into all layers for a far-reaching view of the threat landscape. See everything from banking trojans and ransomware to attacks targeted at your organization. Deep, message-level context makes it especially effective at identifying hard-to-catch threats that other solutions miss.

  • Some threats, like credential phishing attacks, leave no obvious digital traces. We use template- and reputation-based detection to efficiently catch these attacks
  • Our unique predictive analysis preemptively identifies and sandboxes suspicious URLs based on email traffic patterns. This drastically minimizes the risk of a patient-zero case from a previously unknown malicious URL

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With Continuous Security Awareness Training

Helps you manage the ongoing problem of social engineering.

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With Secure Email & Compliance

More than 90% of targeted attacks start with email, and these threats are always evolving. Targeted Attack Protection (TAP) stays ahead of today's attackers with an innovative approach that detects, analyzes, and blocks advanced threats before they reach the inbox.

  • Block and quarantine messages with malicious attachments or malicious URLs. They never reach the inbox, so users never click on them and become compromised
  • Submit attachments and URLs to our cloud-based scanning service to detect and inspect malicious content
  • Transparently rewrite all embedded URLs to protect users on any device or network. Track and block clicks to malicious web pages without affecting the user experience or other URL-filtering technologies you're using.
  • The cloud-based sandbox constantly adapts to detect new attack tools, tactics, and targets. Our technology handles evasive attacker techniques: virtual-machine detection, time-delay malware activation, geographically bound threats, and more

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