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  • You are an executive and you want to make sure your data is safe and secure
  • You don’t want to be at the mercy of a hacker due to ransomware
  • You don’t even know what to ask for when it comes to security


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Our clients typically employ 20 to 100 stakeholders, and rely on their computers, network, and Internet for daily operations. Our clients have a specialized line of business applications that they use to run their business and rely heavily on that software being operational. They represent a broad cross-section of industries across the US.

Add our cybersecurity solution to your company when:

  • You want a third-party looking for misconfigurations and blind spots
  • You want the benefit of world-class CSO expertise and highly specialized security talent at your fingertips
  • You need better reliability and security for your computer network
  • You know that computer downtime costs you money
  • You need to be certain your team is doing the right thing when it comes to security
  • You have compliance requirements that include third-party validation or penetration tests
  • You’d like to enable your employees to work remotely.
  • You want a security compliance program that simply runs without you having to babysit it.
  • You believe that paying to prevent problems is more efficient than paying to fix problems.


Or call us (925) 293-2222

Ever wonder if your organization’s cybersecurity systems are protecting you from being hacked?

Learn the 5 simple signs any CEO (and even CIOs or IT managers) can use to figure out if your organization is secure from hackers, crooks, and internet thieves.

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