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Delivering Highly Innovative Solutions to Businesses

We have Worked with Major Companies, including Cisco, Intuit, and Macys, for Over 25 Years

BizCare delivers hard-to-find expertise and fresh ways of thinking to some of the most pressing business technology challenges. Combining the latest in remote and mobile technologies together with its professional IT talent, more business leaders turn to BizCare for near-sourced flexible world-class IT services.

Previously afforded only to the Fortune 500, our on-shore Network Operations and Data Center, remote management technologies, and experience with complex, mission-critical business and technology deployments work together to deliver world-class IT services to businesses of all sizes. Additionally, large enterprises benefit from the knowledge and experience of ITIL certified Service Desk and Monitoring specialists.

Exceptional service comes from the responsibility and initiative to determine when help is needed, the expertise to achieve a high standard of success, and a commitment to continued care and maintenance. At BizCare, we go one step further. With proactive IT support and management, we eliminate the headaches involved in unforeseen surprises. Our superior business ethic combines leading technical knowledge and assistance, complete professional honesty, and a personal dedication to achieving the best results possible by avoiding problems altogether.

We understand the frustration of trying to reach a goal when obstacles beyond your control stand in the way. That is why we specialize in preventing technical roadblocks before they arise, enabling businesses to focus on profit rather than technologies. We are relentless in our passion for guiding our clients to success with the latest IT solutions.

Our mission is to lower businesses' total operating costs by up to 50 percent, a goal we aim to achieve through focusing on the unique facets and needs of each business community.

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