Managing reliable backups with traditional on-premise backup solutions can be difficult to remember to change or swap media.

Your Continuity solution must be fast, reliable, private and secure - with a minumum 14-day day offsite retention policy.

Goodbye traditional on-premise backup failures, missed crucial tape back-ups and the threat of accidental data loss.

Hello workstation and server recoveries in under four-hours. Greetings self-service file and folder restorations from 15-minute snapshots. And welcome curated and managed data and retention policies.

Snapshots Private Cloud Backup BizCare.On (On-Premise Backup)
Backup location Local and remote Local and remote External drive, local shared folders
Backup topology Local-to-Local Endpoint-to-Local, Local-to-Local, Local-to-cloud Local-to-Local, Local-to-server
Schedule Shared folders up to every 5 min; LUNs up to every 15 min Files are backed up in realtime upon modification Backup tasks can be scheduled according to day and hour
What is backed up Entire shared folders or iSCSI LUNs Specific folders on computer or cloud Shared folders, system configurations, and select packages
Transfer encryption Yes, SSL/TLS Yes, SSL/TLS Yes, SSL/TLS
Data compression No No Yes