Top 5 Security differentiators why G Suite Subscribers choose SecureMail

Top 5 Security differentiators why G Suite Subscribers choose SecureMail





  • SecureMail is more effective than Google in blocking spam, viruses and malicious content (attachments, weblinks) etc.—In every customer trial, SecureMail consistently blocks hundreds of malicious emails that were not detected by native Google security. In addition to providing better security for your business, SecureMail’s superior security efficacy translates to significant savings of ~$17,500/year for an SMB organization.
  • SecureMail protects customers against business fraud propagated via impostor emails. This is a serious emerging threat that is impacting businesses of all sizes (costing businesses $5.3 Billion collectively). The average attack costs organizations $67,000. Google does not offer any protection against these types of attacks.
  • Essentials is deployed easily and works seamlessly with G Suite. It further protects customers against any outages that Google might have with a 30-day email continuity feature.
  • In addition to protecting your emails, Essentials also protects your social media assets such as Facebook, LinkedIn pages, Twitter accounts etc.


Google’s G Suite represents Googles cloud-based email and collaboration platform. Many Google customers have found themselves requiring more advanced security capabilities than are available natively with Google’s G Suite. Small to mid-sized enterprises are easier targets for cyber criminals because they are generally protected by less sophisticated software or they are not protected at all. Unfortunately email attackers have worked this out and now realize that targeting a smaller enterprise can mean a bigger reward in the end.

SecureMail offers key differentiators that complement G suite, such as protection against advanced threats including business fraud via email fraud, ransomware attacks. Essentials also automatically detects and secures (block / alert / encrypt) sensitive information leaving the organization. In addition to protecting your email, Essentials also protects your social media assets such as Facebook, LinkedIn pages, Twitter accounts etc. This enables organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the benefits of Google’s G Suite without sacrificing the key security requirements.

Top 5 Security differentiators why customers using G Suite choose SecureMail:

  1. Protection against Advanced Threats
  2. Preventing Business Fraud via Email Fraud
  3. Secure Email Communication
  4. Social Media Patrol
  5. 30-day Email Continuity
Item Description
Advanced Threat Detection Industry leading protection against targeted attacks, ransomware, malicious attachments, malicious websites, and other unwanted mail.
Business Fraud via Email Fraud Tricks people into sending money or sensitive data. SecureMail provides dynamic classification by looking at domain and sender/recipient reputation also applying algorithmic analysis to protect against this type of attack.
Social Media Patrol Protection against bad actors targeting your social media presence.
Secure Email Communications SecureMail services provide control over sensitive information such as credit card data or social security numbers leaving your organization via Email. Essentials email security will automatically detect and secure (block/alert/encrypt) sensitive information with no manual intervention.
Email Continuity (30 days) Protect from impact of email outages. Users who resort to personal email can result in security/compliance risk.

POC trial results from running behind Google: SecureMail detects and blocks more threats

Healthcare: Over a two-week period, SecureMail caught over 90 malicious attachments and URLs that were missed by Google for a healthcare organization.

Education: Over a month period, SecureMail was able to stop 145 malicious attachments that were missed by Google for a large university.

Service Provider: Over a month period, SecureMail caught over 400 phishing messages that bypassed Google.

Government: Over a month period, 40% of messages deemed “clean” by Google were accurately classified and identified as Virus, Phish, Spam, or Bulk by SecureMail.

Business Case: SMBs can save ~$17,500 per year due to superior security efficacy of SecureMail solution.

Average time to review incidents: 10 minutes (Ponemon)

  • 10 minutes / 60 minutes = .167 hours

Fully burdened cost of IT: $120,000

    • $120,000 / 2080 work hour per year = $57.69 per hour

Savings from higher efficacy of SecureMail solution:

      • ~150 malicious attachments missed over a month period x .167 = 25 hours/month spent in reviewing incidents
      • 25 hours x $57.69 = $1,445 in monthly costs

– $1,445 x 12 = $17,341 in yearly costs that can be saved by using SecureMail’s solution

Easy Plug-and-Play: SecureMail works seamlessly with Google

Getting set up on SecureMail for G Suite is a simple and intuitive process. SecureMail is deployed between the G Suite environment and the Internet. Inbound mail is routed to SecureMail by changing your MX records. After email is processed by SecureMail it is then routed to G Suite. Since SecureMail sits in front of Google, the SecureMail Emergency Inbox is activated instantly and automatically when it detects a G Suite email service outage, enabling your users to access email (i.e. open, reply, compose, etc.) for business as usual. Outbound email is routed to SecureMail before going to the internet. What’s more, we have a dedicated support team to help you through the whole process of strengthening security for your G Suite users easy and hassle-free, just as it should be.

Google vs SecureMail Feature Comparison

GOOGLE SecureMail
GSuite Beginner Business Advanced
Signature-based Anti-Virus
Spam Filtering
Impostor Protection
Content Filtering
Outbound Filtering
Zero Hour Threat Detection
URL Defense
Attachment Defense
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) $
Email Encryption $
Social Media Account Protection
Emergency Inbox 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Email Spooling 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Instant Replay 30 Days 30 Days