Top Reasons to choose SecureMail with Microsoft 365

Top Reasons to choose SecureMail with Microsoft 365


Protect Your Business and Your Microsoft 365 Investment

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based email and collaboration platform. Many Microsoft 365 customers have found themselves requiring more advanced security capabilities besides those available natively with Microsoft 365.

Small to mid-sized enterprises are easy targets for cyber criminals because they are generally protected by less sophisticated software or are not protected at all. Unfortunately, email attackers have worked this out and now realize that targeting a smaller enterprise can mean a bigger reward in the end.

Essentials offers critical security capabilities that complement Microsoft 365, such as protection against advanced threats including, business email compromise (BEC) or email fraud and ransomware attacks. Essentials also automatically detects and secures (block/alert/encrypt) sensitive information leaving the organization.

Besides protecting your email, Essentials also protects your social media assets such as Facebook, LinkedIn pages, Twitter and other accounts. This enables organizations of all sizes to take full advantage of the benefits of Microsoft 365 without sacrificing the key security requirements.

Top Reasons to Choose SecureMail with Microsoft 365

  • SecureMail is more effective than Microsoft 365 in blocking spam, viruses and malicious content like attachments and weblinks. In every customer trial, over a period of four weeks, SecureMail consistently blocks hundreds of malicious emails that were not detected by native Microsoft 365 security. Besides providing better security for your business, SecureMail’s superior security creates significant savings of about $30,000/year for an SMB organization. (Please see Operational Impact.)
  • SecureMail protects customers against business email compromise (BEC) or email fraud. This is the costliest threat faced by businesses of all sizes. According to the FBI, companies have lost a collective amount of $26.2B. The average loss per BEC incident is $74,723. Microsoft 365 does not offer protection against these types of attacks.
  • Essentials Professional package coupled with Office 365 E1 package is 65% to 160% cheaper than Office 365 E3 and Office 365 E5 packages. It offers superior protection at a lower cost.
  • Essentials is deployed easily and works seamlessly with Microsoft 365. It further protects customers against any outages in Microsoft 365 with a 30-day email continuity feature
  • Besides protecting your emails, Essentials also protects your social media assets such as Facebook, LinkedIn pages, Twitter and other accounts.



Advanced Threat Detection Industry leading protection against targeted attacks, ransomware, malicious attachments, malicious websites, BEC and email fraud, multi-stage malware and other unwanted mail.
Business Email Compromise
(BEC) Protection
Prevent scammers from tricking people into sending money or sensitive data.SecureMail provides dynamic classification by looking at domain and sender/recipient reputation also applying algorithmic analysis to protect against this type of attack.
Email Continuity (30 days) Enable safe business communication when Microsoft 365 email outages occur. Users who resort to personal email create security/compliance risk.
Data Loss Prevention Control sensitive information such as credit card data or social security numbers leaving your organization via email. Proper filtering of outbound email for sensitive content and appropriate blocking or encryption of messages is crucial. Essentials Email Security will automatically detect and secure (block/alert/encrypt) sensitive information with no manual intervention.
Social Media Protection Monitor your social media accounts to prevent attackers from posting spam and malware on your social media channels.

Effective Security Translates to Significant Savings

SecureMail detects and stops more

Retail: Over a period of one month,SecureMail caught 250+ malicious attachments and 150+ URLs for a retail organization that were missed by Microsoft

Financial Services: Over a 30-day period,SecureMail detected more than 300 malicious messages for a financial services institution that passed through its Microsoft solution.

Healthcare: Over a two-week period, 39% of messages deemed “clean” by Microsoft were identified as malware, phish, spam, or bulk bySecureMail.

Manufacturing: Over a month,SecureMail was able to catch over 80 malicious messages that were missed by Microsoft.

Staffing Services: Over a two week period,SecureMail caught over 450 phishing messages that bypassed Microsoft.

By stopping more, SMBs can save about $30,000 per year

Average time to review incidents: 10 minutes (Ponemon)

  • 10 minutes / 60 minutes = .167 hours

Fully burdened cost of IT: $120,000

  • $120,000 / 2080 work hour per year = $57.69 per hour

Savings from higher efficacy of SecureMail solution:

  • About 250 malicious attachments missed over a month period x .167 = 42 hours/month spent in reviewing incidents
  • 42 hours x $57.69 = $2,423 in monthly costs

$2,423 x 12 = $29,075 in yearly costs that can be saved by using SecureMail

Easy Plug and Play

Getting set up on Essentials for Microsoft 365 is a simple and intuitive process. Essentials is deployed between the Microsoft 365 environment and the internet.

Your inbound mail is routed to Essentials by changing your MX records. After Essentials processes the email, it is then routed to Microsoft 365. Your outbound email is routed to Essentials before going to the internet.

Since SecureMail sits in front of Microsoft 365, the SecureMail Emergency Inbox is activated instantly and automatically when it detects a Microsoft 365 email service outage. It enables your users to access, open, reply and compose email for business as usual.

What’s more, we have a dedicated support team to help you through the whole process of strengthening security for your Microsoft 365 users easy and hassle-free, just as it should be.

Better Security at a Lower Cost

Essentials Professional package provides superior protection at 65% to 165% lower cost than Office 365 E3 and Office 365 E5 packages. The table below shows the features included and the monthly price for each of the Office365 packages. Essentials Professional package can be purchased with Office 365 E1 to maximize cost savings and feature set.

CAPABILITY O365 E1 O365 E3 O365 E5 O365 E1 +
Advanced Threat Protection +$2 +$2
BEC Protection
Social Media Protection
Total Price (user/mth) $10 $22 $35 $13.33