BizCare Provides Remote Continuous Monitoring Services With PathView Cloud

WELLESLEY HILLS, Mass. — December 14, 2010Apparent Networks, the leading provider of Remote Performance Management (RPM) solutions, today announced BizCare as the newest member of the Powered By PathView partner program. BizCare, providers of managed IT and business communications enablement services is now featuring Apparent Networks' PathView RPM solutions for remote continuous monitoring and troubleshooting for its customers.

With PathView Cloud BizCare adds RPM services to its service portfolio, 24/7, 365 days a year. From compliance and internal security to operational visibility and resource management, BizCare helps IT managers focus on daily IT functions and strategic activities, knowing their networks are managed for availability, health and performance, specifically tailored for their own service levels.

“BizCare is committed to proactively identifying and fixing network problems before they impact our customers or their businesses. PathView Cloud enables us to do this remotely, ensuring a superior level of network and application monitoring and troubleshooting without even going on site,” said Donald Case, President of BizCare.

As the newest member of the Powered By PathView Program, BizCare brings the capabilities of Apparent Networks' PathView Cloud hosted remote network performance management solution and delivers a custom-branded service for recurring revenue. PathView Cloud, together with the zero-administration PathView microAppliance device, gives BizCare the capabilities to test, troubleshoot and report on the performance of its customers' end-to-end network—even through third-party cloud networks.

"We are excited to welcome BizCare into the Powered By PathView Partner Program. BizCare now has unparalled insight into each customer’s network and can confidently assure top performance of sensitive applications from VoIP, to hosted email, to EMR Systems,” said Jim Melvin, CEO of Apparent Networks.

About the Powered by PathView Program
The Powered By PathView program enables managed service providers (MSPs) to sell Apparent Networks' PathView remote performance management solutions both independently and as part of the services they provide to their customers. By incorporating PathView into the products and services they provide, resellers and MSPs can reduce costs and increase operational efficiency, improve the chances of success with new deployments and lower the cost of service issues with ongoing business.

The program is designed to deliver a new source of recurring revenue and market impact for businesses whose primary function is to sell, service, support or build solutions that rely upon complex, distributed networks. Examples of these businesses include IT service providers, consultants, systems integrators and value-added resellers offer services for local or wide area networks, cloud networks and performance sensitive applications such as VoIP, Video, IP Storage and virtualization.

About BizCare
BizCare delivers business enablement and IT services to the Health Services and Retail industries. Combining the latest in remote technologies together with its professional IT talent, more business leaders turn to BizCare for access to a broad range of flexible world-class IT services, gleaned from companies such as Cisco, EMC, Intuit, Wells Fargo, and Macy's.

About Apparent Networks
Apparent Networks brings the award-winning PathView Remote Performance Management solutions to managed service providers, resellers and IT organizations, providing end-to-end visibility into network traffic, distributed applications and cloudbased services. The suite of RPM services, enabled by the zero-administration microAppliance, offers a cost-effective remote monitoring and management capability to diagnose underlying network problems, assess network readiness and monitor performance. Apparent Networks also supports the growing Powered By PathView Program which provides partners with the performance management capabilities they need to ensure exceptional, consistent IT service and customer satisfaction.

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