Managed Mobility

In the office, on the road, during the day, or at night, your employees depend on optimal network performance and immediate support when and where they need it.

  • Today’s on-the-go business communities expect the same productivity on their mobile devices as their workstations
  • Our mobile device management service assures productivity network safety, security and compliance



  • Security: Configure detailed security settings
  • Location tracking: Use the built-in GPS to locate lost or stolen smartphones or tablets
  • Ownership details: Keep track of those devices registered to individuals and associated handset details
  • Data usage monitoring: Help make sure you don't pay extra data usage fines by monitoring data usage
  • Remote features: Lock phones, set passwords, or wipe devices. Remotely configure email and Wi-Fi access
  • Vendor agnostic: Supporting Apple®iOS®, Google® Android®, and Microsoft® Windows® smart-phones and tablets