Technology Success Stories


woman 2"I called BizCare to come out and fix a virus problem that I had on my computer. I called at about 10am and BizCare called back within half an hour. By the end of the day, I had someone onsite fixing the problem, and they stayed here until 1 in the morning to ensure that our computer would be working correctly the next day so that we could get our work done.”

man 1“As a result of BizCare’s consulting and guidance, my productivity has increased because, well, my computer is faster! BizCare removes my IT and computer headache. My company carried an older software that was not compatible with some of the new software, and I found it striking to be able to meld the two so that the old software worked in conjunction with the new.”

woman 1“I feel comfortable asking you guys any question. The response is very quick, I never have to wait for anything. Very responsive. BizCare cares. They really care about their clients. They listen very well. They will come on site. There is a confidence that BizCare will fix the problem.”