Popular Pages

Which pages are attracting the most attention?

The Popular Pages report from BizCare shows you which of your website's pages are viewed the most. Create custom reports that will help you understand the paths your visitors take to browse through various pages on your website, helping you to optimize the design and layout of your site for simpler navigation.

Get the most out of your company's website, with comprehensive reporting that gives you better insight into which pages viewers are looking at the most.

With Popular Pages from BizCare, you'll discover:

  • Your most popular pages by number of views
  • Your least popular pages by number of views
  • If your website is user-friendly and optimized
  • If visitors are sticking to your site
  • Which of your products aren't getting the proper attention
  • If your site is difficult to navigate

The Global Click Path

The Global Click Path shows you the most common click order your website visitors take through each page. This reporting gives you insight into the specific click paths for each site page.

Live Page Visits

The Live Page Visits reporting shows in real time which pages your visitors are viewing "Live", as you're viewing the report. As site visitors enter and navigate your Website, you'll be able to instantly see which pages they are currently viewing, and pause the report at any time by hovering your mouse or cursor over the report.

Entry and Exit Pages

This report gives you a focused view of your visitors' behavior. Discover how many visitors used which pages to enter your site (Entry Page), how long they stayed on your website (Visitor Duration), and which pages they viewed right before leaving your site (Exit Page).

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