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Did you know that search engines play a vital role in driving traffic to your business's website? With the Search Engines tool from BizCare, you'll get reporting that is focused on search, keyword and search engine-related stats.

Search Engines from BizCare gives you the power to use in-depth website data to optimize your online marketing, search ranking and site visibility.

Keyword Search in Popular search engines

Popular keywords used to search this website

Discover which search engines are most used to search or land on your website, as well as the most frequently used keywords used by search engines to determine your website on basis of relevance and best match.

Search Engines from BizCare will show you:

  • Which search engine is used to send traffic to your website
  • Which keywords are used to search your site and how relevant they are according to search engines
  • How search engines can increase your Web traffic

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