Touch Mapping

Find out what sparks interest on your website

Touch Mapping from BizCare is an innovative way to view visitor interaction within your Web pages - in other words, to see exactly where visitors click on your website, page by page. Touch Mapping is one of the fastest, most accurate ways to see exactly what links, products and information your visitors are interested in learning more about. Touch Mapping works by recording the exact locations where your visitors "touch", or click, a website page. The moment any page is touched, this reporting builds a graphic overlay of your Web page. That overlay is a visual map showing all the areas of your pages on which visitors have clicked, revealing both the most common and uncommon areas of the pages where your visitors are physically interacting.

Touch Mapping from BizCare gives you the power to find out which pages of your website are hot, and which ones are not - so you can adjust your online presence to be more user-friendly and effective.

Touch Mapping by color

Touch Mapping by Clicks

Touch Mapping from BizCare gives you the power to:

  • Discover your website's hot zone
  • Find out if your site is user-friendly
  • See if your current site impacts your product or service stickiness
  • Know which pages are effective and which are not

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