Visitor Identities

Tracking solutions for greater business insight

The Visitor Identities tool allows businesses like yours to customize reporting by tagging each known visitor to your website with a specific description. By adding an additional piece of information to your main tracking snippet, you'll have the power to track page views by specific visitor ID, such as a username, customer name, subscription date, product, catalog, serial or part number, etc.

The most common application of the Visitor Identities tool is to report on specific visitor behavior of those users who authenticate with your website, like those who log in and have a cookie set to recall their username or user ID.

Monthly Visitor Identities

Most page-views by identities

Visitor Identities from BizCare gives you the power to:

  • Identify and tag your visitors
  • Find out if your competitors are visiting your site
  • Track new prospects on your site
  • See where your visitors are located

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