Visitor Totals

Who's looking at your website?

If you’ve ever wondered what’s going on behind the scenes of your company website, BizCare can give you some insight with Visitor Totals site tracking technology. Visitor Totals is a custom reporting solution designed to monitor and analyze your website traffic, giving you a quick look at the number of visitors to your site, or a comprehensive look at your site’s footfalls. You’ll be able to keep track of visitors in two distinct ways, such as their number of page views and whether they are unique users or visitors.

Web Caller-ID from BizCare provides detailed information about who's visiting your website, so you can be sure to catch leads while they're hot!

With Visitor Totals from BizCare, you can find out:

  • How many times your site has been viewed
  • Who your returning visitors are
  • Who your one-time visitors are
  • If your new marketing plan is working to increase site visits
  • If your new layout and content is increasing site traffic

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