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If you'd like to get started with any or all of BizCare's Website Services, go ahead and register with your email address and payment information. You'll receive a confirmation email about your registration along with a snippet code. Simply copy that code and paste it EXACTLY as it appears into the HTML of any Web page you'd like to have the traffic monitored on.


Will this reporting slow down my site? No! The snippet is a "standalone" service and runs on remote servers, so it will never affect the performance of your site. Can I track pages on my website that are dynamic? Yes! Many sites offer content from a database or another source, and this reporting system has the ability to track all of those pages. There's even a reporting area specifically for dynamic pages of your site. Do I need to cancel my current Web Analytics service? No. We can integrate and operate seamlessly with other Web Analytic services. Many of our clients already had a Web analytics product when signing up for our 7-day free trial, and found that when they did a side-by-side comparison, we offered unmatched service and reporting. How current is the information provided? Extremely current! All of our reports are created in real time, meaning you're always getting the very latest data, up to the very second you receive a report.

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