Create leads out of thin air!

LeadCaster from BizCare delivers detailed contact information about the companies that are visiting your website, even if they don't identify themselves. It acts as your personal B2B Caller ID, a complete, real-time solution that's powered by a world-class analytics engine. LeadCaster integrates seamlessly with your entire BizCare marketing system, providing unmatched website proactivity.

Take your marketing to the next level, with LeadCaster from BizCare to help you create new opportunities and reach more potential customers.

Website Tracking

With Website Tracking from BizCare, you can turn your nameless clicks into identified leads. When companies look at your website, you'll receive automatic alerts via email or text to keep in you the loop. You'll get:
  • Real-time reporting
  • 21 million B2B contacts
  • Email activity alerts
  • Live US-based support
  • API integration options
  • Unlimited users
  • Automatic free upgrades
  • Three years of data retention

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