US States with the Worst Consumer Cyber-Hygiene

Ranking based on consumers' cybersecurity practices - or lack thereof.

US consumers with the worst cyber hygiene live in the states of Mississippi, Louisiana, California, Alaska, and Connecticut, according to a new study.

US consumers practicing the best cyber hygiene live in Kentucky, Idaho, Ohio, North Dakota, and New Hampshire - ranking the safest in the US when it comes to consumer security habits. According to a Webroot poll of 10,000 US citizens across all 50 states, consumers were asked what they know about cyber threats and how they handle privacy and security of their social media accounts and other data.

In all, less than half of Americans protect their data: Sixty-four percent don't set their social media accounts to private, 63% reuse passwords across multiple accounts, and 62% of participants use free antivirus software, the study showed. While nearly 80% say they have heard of malware, just 28% could define it. Even so, nearly 90% of respondents say they are adopting the proper cyber protections.

Just 5% back up their data, run a modern anti-malware tool and rely on a password manager.

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