BizCare Provides Remote Continuous Monitoring Services With PathView Cloud

WELLESLEY HILLS, Mass. — December 14, 2010 — Apparent Networks, the leading provider of Remote Performance Management (RPM) solutions, today announced BizCare as the newest member of the Powered By PathView partner program. BizCare, providers of managed IT and business communications enablement services is now featuring Apparent Networks' PathView RPM solutions for remote continuous monitoring and troubleshooting for its customers.

Ransomware Attacks Multiply

Ransomware attackers are getting more aggressive, destructive, and unpredictable.

The data-hostage crisis isn't going away anytime soon: In fact, it's starting to get a lot scarier and destructive, and with a more unpredictable outcome.

Security experts long have warned that ponying up with the ransom fee only plays into the hands of ransomware attackers; it doesn't necessarily guarantee victims get their data back and unscathed, even though most of these bad guys thus far honor their promise of decrypting hijacked data after they receive their payment.

Where Is Ransomware’s Next Target

Where is ransomware’s next target: Your server, phone or TV?

In its latest annual report titled Internet Organized Crime Threat Assessment Europol made a very disturbing revelation of cybercrime.

The report revealed that cybercriminals have continued to leverage on Crime-as-a-Service model in furthering the criminal activity over the internet.

What Is Ramsomware

What is Ramsomware? 34% of small businesses have absolutely no idea what it is

1 out of every 3 small and medium scale businesses (SMB) are clueless to the potential damage than can be inflicted by ransomware malware. This kind of ignorance has cost so many companies dearly today.

IT Support Pricing Models Explained

Every business needs to spend money to support their computer network, which is often the lifeblood of the business. Yet the cost involved to properly support your network can vary widely from one provider to another.

Are you getting the best value from with your budget for your IT support?

Comparing Managed IT Services and Break-Fix Plans

When it comes to IT services there are basically two types of service plans that most IT companies offer.