Your PrivateCloud is ready

BizCare enables fast and secure digital file-sharing with anyone, anywhere. Explore, organize, and move files between your computer and your PrivateCloud. Customize access permissions to enhance security and productivity. Enjoy seamless file sharing with Windows®, Mac®, iPhone®, iPad®, Android® and endpoints.


Organized for your Business

Your ultimate digital file center

It just works with: Explorer, Finder and Browsers (File Station).
You manage all your digital content in one safe and secure place.
Drag, drop and organize files and folders.
Share with coworkers, friends and family.
Revise with your favorite mobile endpoint.



Search filters and preview

Quickly locate files with search filters, such as file type, date, size, or owner — and preview them in your browser.


Share files easily

Share files and folders over the Internet with friends and coworkers with sharing links or directly attached to email.


Text editor

Open and modify plain text files directly. Change character encoding, recognize file types, and see variable highlighting.


Trust and security

Ensure files are shared securely with support for HTTPS, password-protected sharing links, and expiration time.


Access anywhere

Mount folders from any server or endpoint to centralize file access, or use virtual drives support to mount up to 16 ISO images simultaneously, making batch installation quick and easy.


Cloud Storage

Browse and manage digital content in your public cloud accounts such as Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and OneDrive, the same as before.

Maximized for your Productivity

Syncing digital files across all your devices

Your digital files and folders continuously synchronize with your computers, smartphones, and tablets. Your data automatically flows where it should, not where it shouldn’t. Move between home and work, desktop and mobile, all while seamlessly connecting with the same digital file. Revisions modified offline sync when re-connected to the Internet. Share digital files and folders with anyone, simply by sharing a link.


Recover Files

BizCare retains up to 32 versions of file history - serving instant continuous data recovery from accidental deletions or revisions. For large, but less important multimedia files, simply set a lower number of versions for individual shared folders.

Selectively Sync

Handpick individual folders. Sync to different devices. Sync per format and size. Sync small but critical files to your phone. Sync work-in-progress documents to your workstation. Sync sales and marketing materials to your branch offices.

Securely Encrypt

People used to think twice before storing confidential data in the cloud, private or public. Nowadays, all your digital content can be encrypted, securing access only to those with your private key.

Support Windows ACL

Extensive collaboration may require detailed access rights among your Windows PCs. Fine-tune your administration permissions to individual files using Windows Access Control List permissions (ACL).

Sync Branch Offices

For multi-site organizations, two-way synchronization between offices is the best way to share large, unwieldy files. Your data continuously reliably and safely synchronizes all connected offices.

Protect and Comply

When your staff collaborates with others, sometimes it’s important to know who edited, deleted, or restored digital files on every designated device. You get this feature automatically, for further data discovery, compliance, protection audits and assurance requirements.