Common Mistakes Small and Medium Sized Businesses Make with Social Media

Common Mistakes Small and Medium Sized Businesses Make with Social Media

By: Sarah Todoroff, Content and Social Media Manager

Find the platform that works for you and be present.

I have heard it said that being on social media is like being pregnant. You either are or you’re not; there isn’t an in between. Social media can be a great tool to use for your business, however if you are not careful, social media can also be harmful to you as well. It is important to be present on the social media accounts that you have.

Find the social media accounts that will be best for your business. Where is your target audience hanging out? Where will reach your potential customers the best? Find those platforms and be there.

Remember, don’t spread yourself too thin, it is better to be present on a few platforms, posting daily or every other day, then being on many platforms and forgetting about them. Forgetting about social media accounts can make you business look dormant and unengaged.

Don’t talk about yourself.

Remember 80/20. As consumers of social media, we follow what we are interested in. Rarely do we follow or like a company based on what they say about themselves.

People don’t want to hear about the fact your business changed the color of the bathrooms, or purchased a new picture for the office – they want information that interests them. Creating content that resonates with, helps or interests the reader or social media follower is important.

So remember 80/20. 80% of the content you post on any account should be interesting to your reader and should help them in some way, 20% should be about you.

Customer Service Whoas.

A lot of small businesses steer away from social media platforms for fear that customer service complaints will be more visible. However, the reality is if a customer has something negative to say about you and your business, they will find a way to make it visible whether or not you are using social media.

Use your social media platforms as a tool to directly talk with your customers. By addressing negative comments and feedback directly (or responding and giving an avenue for your customer to reach you to resolve their issue privately), you are providing the highest level of customer service possible.

Sarah is the Social Media and Content Manger for BizCare, Inc. She writes opinions and shares her advise on different aspects of information technology and social media. Looking for help with your IT needs? BizCare, Inc. offers a free consultations, contact us today!

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