Are You Keeping Your Disaster Recovery Plan Updated?

Businesses experience problems or complications all the time. These may range anywhere from natural calamities to accidents to hardware and equipment malfunctions, among many others. They can slow down your business or seriously hamper your operations. Most probably, you have this covered, and you may already have a disaster recovery plan. The question is: when did you last update it? As you know, businesses continually evolve and go through changes. Changes in the market constantly dictate changes to your products, services, systems, and processes. The same is true of your disaster recovery plan, and if you don’t keep up with these changes and plan for them in your disaster recovering plan, it’s almost as bad as having no plan at all. Especially with the expanding proliferation of technology around us, the way we do business constantly changes, and the way we address problems must adjust as well. You no longer can rely on the same plan you had years ago since your technology environment has most likely changed significantly since then. As a result, it’s a good idea to review and update your disaster contingency plan periodically – especially when your business goes through a drastic change. It’s also a good plan to give your plan a dry run to identify what works and what doesn’t. Better to find that out now than after a disaster happens and it’s too late to adjust the plan. It’s a constant process to keep your disaster recovery plan updated and relevant, and this process should be integrated into how you go about your business. Need help and advice? Contact us and we’ll assist you in developing and implementing a flexible plan that keeps your business safe today – and tomorrow.