Adobe confirms stolen passwords were encrypted, not hashed

System hit was not protected by traditional best practices, used 3DES instead.

November 04, 2013
Researchers have revealed, and Adobe has confirmed, that the millions passwords stolen during the breach in October were not originally stored according to industry best practices.

2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study

Cyber attacks generally refer to criminal activity conducted via the Internet. These attacks can include stealing an organization’s intellectual property, confiscating online bank accounts, creating and distributing viruses on other computers, posting confidential business information on the Internet and disrupting a country’s critical national infrastructure.

Bring Your Own Device: Putting Users First, Produces Biggest Gains and Fewest Setbacks

During the past few years, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other mobile devices have entered the corporate workplace in increasing numbers. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon is one of the most visible incarnations of the wave of consumerization surging through IT.

As a result, major cultural, technological and business shifts have occurred in the relationship between company and employee, facilitating unprecedented gains in productivity, efficiency and collaboration while creating new security risks and information governance concerns.

The Top 5 Cyber Security Threats That Could Affect Your Life

Our electronic devices are such a big part of our lives today that it’s hard to imagine what we once did without them. But our constant use of technology to keep in touch, pay bills, stay on top of the news, shop and research things has a downside: Our data can be exposed to criminals who commit crimes such as identity theft and credit card fraud – unless we take the proper precautions.

Top 5 Mobile Security Threats:

How mobile technology is threatening your network and what you can do to stop threats in their tracks

A skyrocketing increase in mobile malware is giving new meaning to the term, “killer app.” According to a study from the Juniper Networks Mobile Threat Center, mobile malware rose a whopping 155 percent in 2011.

Most shocking was the dramatic growth in Android malware from roughly 400 samples in June to over 13,000 samples by the end of 2011 – a cumulative increase of 3,325 percent.

Free Tools for Improving Online Security

Author: Riva Richmond

Many small-business owners fall below what some people call the “security poverty line." Bootstrapping entrepreneurs can be especially vulnerable to hackers because they don’t have the money or personnel to buy, install and maintain the fancy security products large companies take for granted.