Secure remote access

Secure remote access to workstations with LogMeIn desktop solutions

  • Remote Deployment & Secure Access. Install two-factor authentication (2FA) packages on your LogMeIn accounts and securely access files anytime, anywhere.
  • Host Preference Packages. Set up security settings and general preferences on any account.
  • 256-bit SSL Encryption. Protect sensitive data with a robust data encryption tool.
  • Mobile Access. Access files on-the-go with LogMeIn Android and iOS applications.
  • Background Access. Perform remote computer maintenance without disrupting business operations.
  • HD Audio/Video Access. Stream high-quality audio and watch high-definition videos on any device.
  • Remote Printing & Sound Control. Print documents on any workstation and adjust sound quality from any location.
  • User Management. Organize users into groups, manage permissions, and expand computer access.
  • Computer Grouping. Arrange workstations based on access permissions, function, location, or any set criteria.
  • File Sharing & Transfer. Seamlessly download files, and transfer documents to any computer using a simple drag-and-drop feature. (For Mac users, use the toolbar function.)
  • Desktop Sharing. Invite clients or colleagues to view or use your computer online.
  • Desktop Shortcut. Bypass the browser login page with a LogMeIn shortcut right from your desktop.
  • Status Reporting. Record details of your sessions, including origin, duration, type, and time.
  • Computer Search. Filter workstations in your account by computer or group names.
  • Online/Offline Status. Identify active and inactive workstations.
  • Mass Delete. Simultaneously delete multiple computers and their data history.
  • Multi-Monitor Support & Display. Access and clone monitors on any LogMeIn-connected workstation.
  • Ad Hoc Support. 24-hour temporary access to computers not managed by your LogMeIn account.