Is Near-sourcing, outsourcing? Fundamentally, yes.

For many businesses the question is not so much if to outsource, but how, to what extent, and which parts of the business might be suitable.

As consumers become more demanding, the importance of IT services, as well as the ratings associated with IT services becomes more relevant and plays a larger part in consumer choice.

Outsourcing IT services may seem cost efficient, however can have its problems, so really the question comes down to insourcing vs. Near-sourcing your services (internally as well as externally for your customers).

BizCare delivers Near-sourcing™ Services that help eCommerce leaders and Business Owners accelerate their growth strategies by shifting essential recurring Business-Technology Support to trusted local talent.

You supply the requirements, the time frame, and the budget, we supply a broad array of world-class services - ranging from project management consulting to release management and development operations services to service desks.

Benefits of Near-sourcing



  • Lower wages
  • Low on-boarding costs
  • No pension obligation
  • Pay as you go
  • Little to no overhead for the employee
  • No insurance payments
  • No overtime
  • 24x7x365 (for client and your customers)
  • Is available to come onsite if needed
  • 100% confidentiality. Nearsourced employees work as an extension to your own team.

Is Near-sourcing for you? Take the test.

  1. Is your IT charter over-booked with must-do projects?
  2. Are you considering starting a Program Management Office?
  3. Are you looking for a reliable team to handle sustaining software engineering or development operations?
  4. Are you chartered with a must-do software-systems development project?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, contact us for a high-level project assessment.

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