Total Care IT Support Services

Transform Your Backups

Minimize Cost and Complexity for Data Protection
With BizCare you can efficiently protect, manage and access your critical data across any storage tier while eliminating risk and the impact to your production.

Protect your Endpoints

Information is exponentially created and stored on devices that are outside IT's traditional domain. Gain control of your business critical data with BizCare's endpoint data protection

Avoid Disasters

The potential impact of application outages and data loss can be staggering. That's why disaster recovery is among the most vital operations for leading businesses requiring enterprise agility and availability to handle unplanned outages caused by anything from intrusions to unforeseen natural events.

Protect your Applications

Business applications are the lifeblood of your organization. To best support your business needs, you need to ensure that the data in your applications environments is protected, recoverable and managed to your unique specifications. BizCare has you covered, with an identity management system that best suits your needs - all without complexity across locations, physical and virtual deployments, and storage infrastructures.

Minimize Hardware Spend

BizCare's hardware as a service solution breaks with tradition by continuously refreshing your technologies as a service, liberating your top talent to focus on your top objectives without the common distractions imposed by hardware "upgrades".

Leverage the Cloud

Leverage proven cloud solutions powered by BizCare through our Service Provider partners. Accelerate your access into cloud technologies through BizCare integrations with leading cloud providers and platforms including Cisco, Microsoft Windows Azure, Amazon Web Services, IndependenceIT, Rackspace, and more

Virtualize servers and endpoints

Achieve a more agile and cost-effective infrastructure through VM provisioning, management and recovery tools, and turn your virtual infrastructure into a private cloud.
Virtualize your Contact Center

Our cloud-PBX service provides a wealth of powerful features and benefits, driving down total costs for communications, empowering employees to work from anywhere, maximizing overall productivity.

Simplified Archives for Compliance

Reduce Cost, Risk and Complexity for Compliance, Legal and Information Governance Processes

Website Designs and Hosting

Whether you are looking for a custom website design, enhancing your existing site or creating a unique logo design for your business, our Web design and development experts can help

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